Consumer Debt Collection Services

EC Credit Control can look after your consumer debt collection in Sydney and Australia wide in a prompt, professional manner that won't endanger the working relationships you have with your clients.

Are you losing money with a pile of old debtors?

Do you have more than enough to do running your business without having to worry about collecting old debts?

Do you still want to maintain a healthy trading relationship with your customers?

A prompt recovery service

Unpaid debt is is increasingly causing severe cashflow problems for businesses, and is a serious cause of their loss (not necessary). Luckily, EC Credit Control can recover what is owed to you whilst still maintaining a professional relationship with your customers. We have one of the highest rates of successful consumer debt recovery in Sydney and throughout Australia.

EC Credit Control was established in 1989 and has considerable experience in retrieving your debts quickly and efficiently. With our consumer debt recovery services, the whole collection process can be as short as 15 days. We will employ every means possible to recover the balance – including from people that have travelled overseas – in a professional and sensitive manner and without the need for legal proceedings.

We maintain contact with you

Our consumer debt collectors in Sydney and Australia wide take meticulous records of every contact we make with your customers, and you can log in to view the progress of tracing and retrieval at any time. Our website is secure and has easy-to-view records of the process. We make sure we have detailed records of each step so you can see what we have done to collect your debt.

Easy collection process

EC Credit Control uses a quick (delete) voucher system to lodge a debt that you need to be recovered. Filling out and sending in the voucher is a simple process – and you can even do it online. Our consumer debt collection company gives you 24x7 access to our lodging system so you can do it immediately at a time that's convenient to you.

Up-front costs

EC Credit Control is a consumer debt recovery company dedicated to giving our clients a cost-effective service. Loading a voucher to start the collection process only involves a single set fee – you are charged no additional fees no matter how often we contact your client. If we can't collect your debt then there will be no commission fee charged.

Ask about our free service

At EC Credit Control, we don’t just believe in recovering your debts – we can also help you set your Terms of Trade before you start. If you have appropriate Terms of Trade in place our collection service could actually be free.

Contact us to discuss how we can help start your business off on the right foot.

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