More Than a Handshake Deal

Last week I met with Michael, a tiler in Malaga.  Michael just works on a handshake deal.  I explained to him that these days this is not sufficient in order to protect the cash flow of the business.  I asked him what would happen if someone did not pay an account & he said that he would take them to court.  I advised that going legal wastes a lot of time, energy, effort & most of all money.   

I explained the EC Credit Control complete Credit Management system to him and he immediately signed up:  legally binding, custom-made Terms of Trade, the ability to qualify for free debt-collection and most of all, peace of mind.  

Michael was so appreciative & excited to have the system in place, that he referred me to his brother Raymond, who has a landscape business in Osborne Park. Raymond was relieved to know that he now had some protection & clout in place, he had  a process to follow with regard to Debt Collection and that he did not need to waste his time getting involved.


Regional Manager North West Perth

Fred Lawrence
Area Manager
Northwest Perth
0468 347 680
Fred has over 30 years of business management experience. He is an experienced EC Credit Control Area Manager who is well qualified to assist all sizes of businesses with our range of products and services.

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