Are You Running 2 Businesses By Default?

First & foremost you are in your primary business or trade. However, by default, do you realise that you are also running an interest-free loans business? You may ask “why, what makes you say that”? The answer is very simple: with the diminishing value of debt, each month that your client/customer drags out paying you, your debt is losing its value. The only time that your debt is worth 100% of its value is if your customer pays you on time. At EC Credit Control we get your customers to pay you on time. How do we do that? We do so by putting Terms of Trade in place. These Terms of Trade contain consequences which both you & our debt collectors can impose on your customer in the event that s/he does not pay you on time. Your customer is not going to like these consequences so s/he will consequently treat your account with respect, pay you on time and rather default on another supplier who is doing business on a handshake and hence has no leverage.

Regional Manager North West Perth

Fred Lawrence
Area Manager
Northwest Perth
0468 347 680
Fred has over 30 years of business management experience. He is an experienced EC Credit Control Area Manager who is well qualified to assist all sizes of businesses with our range of products and services.

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