Hello to all young Business Owners in the Greater Western Sydney Area…

In the last two weeks I have helped a number of young business owners in the Arndell Park, Seven Hills, Penrith, Kingswood & Box Hill areas.

The industry types include Glaziers, Signage, Fabrication and Fork Lift Accessories.

It’s fantastic to see young, proactive business owners who want the protection of a watertight contract to improve their cash flow and protect their profits.

Is this something that you’re interested in achieving for your business and family? If you wish to set your business up for future success don’t hesitate. Give me a call or send me an email now so we can review your current Terms of Trade and assess you current credit management processes.

Regional Manager – Outer West Sydney

Vanessa Graydon
Area Manager
Outer West Sydney
0402 772 922

Vanessa is all about assisting her client base, with advice and best practise…..not just related to EC Credit products, but general collections and credit management experience as well.

Vanessa is viewed as an industry expert, but also not shy of asking others for advice if she does not know the answer……because “not everyone knows everything all the time”.

Vanessa has 25 years of experience in the Mercantile, Credit Reporting and Risk Assessment field; and has also been on the Board of the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) for over twelve years (NSW Division).

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