Transaction Forms

Do you wish you could spend less time chasing up outstanding accounts? Are you looking for ways to improve cash flow? Does your business need to make the limits of your products/services extra clear to clients and customers? Then you may benefit from improved transaction forms.

A transaction form is any standard form, whether it’s an attached information sheet or something that’s filled in afresh each time, which forms part of a business transaction. It contains important information about the work that’s going to be done or the products that are going to be supplied, how much is going to be paid, when various actions are going to be taken, etc. Depending on the type of business you operate, your transaction forms will look different – for example, if you run a wholesale supplier, your transaction forms will be detailed order forms. If you run a trade contracting business, your transaction forms will list what’s included in the rate you’re charging, what guarantees you’re making about the work that is done, and when payment is expected.

Transaction forms differ from regular contracts of supply in that there’s a fresh one for each individual transaction. For example, if you were running a delivery business, you might have an ongoing contract to make regular deliveries to a customer, but a separate transaction form for each delivery.

At EC Credit Control, we’ll listen carefully to your needs and your description of the way you operate, and we’ll come up with a form that will help your business run more smoothly.

Our Transaction Forms are reviewed by an independent law firm. We are not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice and we recommend that you seek your own legal advice on the Transaction Form.

If you require a specialised or personalised Transaction Forms, we can refer you to an independent law firm who will engage and liaise with you directly and provide you with legal advice.

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