Accounting Software Integration

Here at EC Credit Control we like to make Debt Collection as easy as possible for our Clients.

Our web portal is frequently updated and is a great place to load debts with us via your online or cloud-based accounting software.

We integrate with the two most popular accounting packages on the market today – Xero and MYOB.  For MYOB we integrate with both MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight.

EC Credit Control Xero Connected AppMYOB Integration

If you are a Client of ours already see below for the steps to run through and get connected today.  This will save you both time and effort in loading your slow payers with us allowing you to focus on your core business activity.  Our app is also on the Xero App Store.

If you aren’t a client of ours just yet Sign Up Here or Here for Xero users.  If you are a Xero user and Sign Up Now we will automatically connect your account so that you can load debts immediately.

The process to get connected is the same for all of the packages that we integrate with.  You will need to have your Xero or MYOB username and password handy in order to make the initial connection.

Firstly, make sure you are logged in to our web portal here.

Once logged in the steps to take are as follows:

We will then pull your customer data and pdf invoices from your Xero / MYOB account and immediately load it into our system for collection.  Sit back and relax knowing that the experts are doing their best to collect your overdue accounts.

Further information on our Xero Integration can be found on our Debtor Outsourcing Made Easy page and our Xero Help & Support Articles page.