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Are your privacy procedures compliant?
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What privacy policies do you have in place?

If you are a public or private sector organisation our law states that you must have a privacy policy or statement in place, including your website terms of use. 

We can help get these documents in order for you.

Do you know your responsibilities?

Changes to the Privacy Act came into force in 2017 and you are required to follow a strict set of rules when handling personal information. Your privacy policy and website terms must outline how you will be:

Collecting personal
Holding personal
Using and sharing
personal information

There are also different privacy rules to be included in your privacy policy for specific industries that you may need to be aware of.

Website Terms of Use

If you hold information on your website about your users, you must have a website terms of use. This sets out how a visitor to your website should conduct themselves and what happens with their personal information while they are there. This is a legally binding contract between both parties.

Ways we can help.

It’s our goal to help your business be legally compliant with the Privacy Act amendments, and if anything goes wrong you have procedures in place.

We can work with you to:

Privacy policy explore

Explore each part of your internal practices to ensure you are compliant

Privacy policy protect

Protect your business with the correct legal documentation, including your terms of trade

Privacy policy supply

Supply your business with a privacy policy manual that clearly outlines the steps to take if there is a data breach

Website terms of use

Provide you with website terms of use, so everyone can see that your company can be trusted with key personal data

Did you know?

A statement on your privacy policy should also be included in your Terms and Conditions of Trade documentation.

Have you got outdated or no Terms and Conditions of Trade? We can help you with that.  Talk to us today.

Want to know more?

Our friendly Customer Service team are available to talk through your privacy requirements.

Call us today at 1300 361 070 or fill in the form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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See what our clients are saying:

ENL Property Management
ENL Property Management
2. February, 2024.
We have been dealing with Ec for at least 5 years and can not recommend enough.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner
11. January, 2024.
Fantastic company to get your business trading terms up to date Tanya Pascoe is a fantastic Rep and supplies a good follow up service for questions and answers. I would Highly recommend the EC Credit team to any business.
Cody Faint
Cody Faint
11. December, 2023.
EC Credit Control have just handled my updated Terms of Trade and I could not be happier with the outcome. Professional, prompt communication always answering any questions I may have had. Also handling client debts from our business. Highly recommend EC Credit Control if you are in business to have yourself and your business protected.
6. November, 2023.
Ec credit control works for us. Quality paperwork that gets results. Friendly staff available when you need them.
Sharon Gaynor
Sharon Gaynor
1. November, 2023.
Very helpful and understanding.
Janice Landon
Janice Landon
12. October, 2023.
Terry and the team have looked after us for approx 15 years now and keep our Terms Of Trade updated with new legislations, a must for every business. Janice Burleigh Powder Coating
Lauren Emery
Lauren Emery
20. September, 2023.
I highly recommend EC Credit Control for any business. We have been in the building industry for 20 plus years and have had great success with collecting money through ECCC. We have used them for over a decade now and will continue to use them. Yes it's another outlay but they will save you in the end, they saved us. Use them as a tool for your business and don't wait, get onto any bad debts sooner rather than later. The key is to get your customers to sign your credit apps before you start or continue working for them. The staff at ECCC are very helpful and professional and always reply back promptly. Thank you EC Credit Control