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What's your real cost?

Some business owners think that not getting paid for the odd job is simply part of being in business and write it off as part of their tax return to the ATO.  Here, we illustrate the impact that not getting paid for a job has on your business and the importance of ensuring you are paid for your hard work.

It’s not just the cost of the goods and/or services that you have provided.

The real cost is the value of the additional jobs that you need to complete and be paid for in order to get back to a position of breaking even on the initial unpaid job.

Calculate your real cost.

The calculator below shows the real cost of not being paid. Enter the chargeable amount of the job and the profit margin percentage on that job. Our calculator will do the rest.

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 9999999.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
  • Profit Margin $
  • Cost of Job $
  • Additional Revenue Required to pay back the money lost on the above job $

Time to ensure your business is protected.

How would your business be impacted in the event that someone doesn’t pay you? Here at EC Credit Control we see a lot of businesses unnecessarily stressed due to being put into this position through no fault of their own.

Protection is available in a number of different forms:

Debt Collection if you are already in the position outlined above

Terms of Trade to help prevent you from finding yourself in the position outlined above

Registering on the PPSR to improve your position in the event one of your customers goes out of business.

Have a debt to load already?

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See what our clients are saying:

John Pohl
John Pohl
21. March, 2024.
EC Credit Control gets the job done. Zeta is always helpful...
Josh Horton
Josh Horton
29. February, 2024.
I was in a spot of bother with an old account that was still active. This was causing an issue for a loan and was very time critical. I was able to reach Tanya after hours and she not only helped me through sorting it out but followed up to make sure I was being looked after first thing the next morning. Very impressed with Tanya's support and the speed of EC Credit Control.
Carissa Taylor
Carissa Taylor
14. February, 2024.
As a new Accounts employee, this was my first time dealing with EC Credit and they were a breeze. I have called Monika for the smallest of questions and she has been most helpful. I didn't know we could contact them and ask for the advice that I have. I would highly recommend them. Carissa - Navace Pty Ltd
Caroline Burnett
Caroline Burnett
12. February, 2024.
Tanya is super helpful and extremely professional with a great sense of humour. She really understands what we need for our business. Highly recommend!! ????☺️
nick fish
nick fish
9. February, 2024.
Due to the fast growth of our business and increasing size dollar value size of our orders it was obvious we needed to tighten our trade legality terms to ensure the safety of our assets be they business or personal liabilities. After some positive interactions with Chris last year we decided to meet up with EC just last week to discuss. The information presented was concise and explained brilliantly making it simple for us to understand our current requirements and what to do next. We now have robust documentation to get paid on-time & in-full. Confident for future products with less stress.”
ENL Property Management
ENL Property Management
2. February, 2024.
We have been dealing with Ec for at least 5 years and can not recommend enough.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner
11. January, 2024.
Fantastic company to get your business trading terms up to date Tanya Pascoe is a fantastic Rep and supplies a good follow up service for questions and answers. I would Highly recommend the EC Credit team to any business.