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Do you know your responsibilities?

The Privacy Act requires you to follow a strict set of rules when handling personal information. Your privacy policy and website terms must outline how you will be:

Privacy policy collecting data

Collecting personal information

Privacy policy storing data

Holding personal information

Privacy policy sharing and using data

Using and sharing personal information

Website terms of use.

If you hold information on your website about your users, you must have a website terms of use. This sets out how a visitor to your website should conduct themselves and what happens with their personal information while they are there. This is a legally binding contract between both parties.

How can we help you?

It’s our goal to help your business be legally compliant with the Privacy Act amendments, and if anything goes wrong you have procedures in place. We can work with you to:

Privacy policy explore

Explore each part of your internal practices to ensure you are compliant

Privacy policy protect

Protect your business with the correct legal documentation, including your terms of trade

Privacy policy supply

Supply your business with a privacy policy manual that clearly outlines the steps to take if there is a data breach

Website terms of use

Provide you with website terms of use, so everyone can see that your company can be trusted with key personal data

Ensure you update your terms of trade too.

A statement on your privacy policy should also be included in your terms of trade documentation.

Have you got outdated or no terms of trade? We can help you with that.