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Safeguarding your assets and personal property.
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Your peace of mind is important.

Do you hire out/have unsecured gear on your client’s site? How would it impact you if a client went into liquidation? Lastly, are your goods and assets registered on the PPSR?

Unfortunately, the reality is if your client goes into liquidation, the process happens swiftly, their premises closed, and your assets frozen as part of the proceedings. As a result, without documentation in place, you could find yourself out of pocket, in more ways than one.

We can assist you to become a secured creditor.

What is the PPSR?

PPSR stands for Personal Property Securities Register, and is an online service account where you can register a legal claim to your personal property.

The register helps businesses and individuals protect themselves financially, reduce investment risk, gain access to credit, and make better-informed financial and purchasing decisions. If you’re selling goods on credit, you’ve probably signed a contract establishing your rights to the property should the customer fail to pay. But what if there are other creditors waiting in line?

As a ‘Secured Creditor’:

  • You are in the best possible position to recover goods supplied to your customer or claim the monetary value, should your customer default
  • Are given priority over creditors who’ve not registered an interest, and those who register after you
  • If the customer has assets of value in the event of insolvency, you may be first in line to claim the distribution of funds from the sale of assets
  • Limit the risk of being affected by preferential payment clawback.

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Did you know?

A large part of protecting your position when it comes to PPS Registrations comes down to your Terms and Conditions of Trade.

We are specialists in writing customised Terms and Conditions for many SME and large organisations throughout New Zealand from a diverse range of industries.

With our vast experience in writing Terms and Conditions of Trade we ensure that our clients are not only protected from a PPSR perspective but also from many other perspectives such as Debt Collection, Privacy and more.

Talk to us today to ensure your Terms are up to date.

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Our friendly Customer Service team are available to talk about all things PPSR.

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