EC Credit Control is dedicated to using the best and most effective technology to deliver the highest levels of service.

Debtor Management System

EC Credit Control has developed specialist debt collection software, designed to provide the most sophisticated and responsive package in the industry.

Our Debtor Management System is continually undergoing revision to provide the most streamlined service for our clients throughout Australasia.

The Debtor Management System allows clients of EC Credit Control to receive comprehensive and accurate reporting on the collection of outstanding debts.

To improve communication, the Debtor Management System automatically sends update emails throughout the debt collection process to ensure clients are kept informed of progress every step of the way.

On-Line Services

Our online service provides clients with up-to-date information on debts being collected on your behalf.

As a client, the following services are available to you online:

  • Submit a new debt for collection
  • Check the status of a debt in the collection process
  • Advise the credit controller handling your debts that a payment has been made, or change the status of the debt
  • Comprehensive reporting on debts

The interactive website operates in “real time” so you are viewing the same information that our collectors view. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate information at all times.

Contact us to see how our technology can help you manage credit.